Our roots in the ruby valley run deep

For six generations our family has been in this beautiful valley. But as with so much in life, you have to leave it behind to appreciate it fully.

In the mid 1990's we left Montana for Washington State, then Maryland, New Hampshire, and Colorado. With countless side trips to every state in the lower 48 including a quick jot to Puerto Rico.

Somewhere between those states, in all those cities and towns coffee grew to be a passion. Everywhere I went I sought out coffee shops, the smaller community centric shops made the biggest impressions.

In 2010 our family came back to our roots in Southwest Montana, and even before we left we knew we wanted to open a coffee shop.

In October of 2018 we opened our second location in downtown Sheridan, a full time roastery and coffee shop.

What is the most critical aspect Of a service business? Service to people.

Our customers are the greatest people in the world. They deserve nothing but the absolute best we can provide. That begins at the best coffee that can be sourced, with an excellent cross section of coffee origins around the world. These coffees are roasted with a world class roaster, documenting each and every roast with all the technology available to us today. We roast and cup each coffee creating a roast profile that both highlights the unique characteristics of the coffee from that region as well as getting the best flavors of specialty coffee.

Once roasted our coffee is packaged to preserve freshness. We roast in small quantities which guarantee your coffee hasn't sat on a shelf for months before you have had the chance to brew with it.

We use our coffee every day, either in our full service coffee bar, our restaurant, or through our partners. Every touchpoint with a consumer is used as an opportunity for improvement. It is our intent to continue to strive for improvement in every aspect of our service to our customers.

Take A look At Our Delicious Coffee